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If you haven’t tried out the new Hasbro Action Figure Selfie app, you are missing out. The free app creates a 3D scan of your face, and then allows you to pick various hairstyles to match your own, pick a Star Wars character of your liking, and boom– you’re a 6 inch tall action figure, which you can purchase for $59.99

Personally, the price is a bit steep for me, so I just saved screen shots for posterity. It would be nice if the app allowed you to save your scan– as I’d like to tinker around with different configurations in more than one sitting. As is, you have to do it all, and pull the trigger on the purchase, in one sitting– or start all over from the top when you next have availability.

The animation used while the image is processing is pretty entertaining, futuristic and eerie, like you’re being cloned. I found that to be the coolest part. As for the likeness, eh. The facial options didn’t include a goatee that fits my style, and my wife didn’t find a hairstyle that fits her either. Even without that glitch, though, my kids say the images don’t look like me or my wife at all– so the app still needs some work.

I did several versions with and without smiling, and the smiles produce a closer likeness. But I have concerns that my gun tote’n action figure will look maniacal, and thereby be less playable, if my action figure has a big smile on his face. Even though it would indeed be cool to say I had the first generation one of these action figures, I think I’m going to wait until the options and technology get a bit better. But that’s just me and my current budget, yours may be different.

This is my action figure selfie.
This is my old lady’s action figure selfie.

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