Who’s Who at Mos Eisley: A Cantina Figure Check List

Cantina Figure Check List: Lastest/Best Versions Only

Here’s a list of all the creatures/figures that have made appearances at the Mos Eisley Space Port cantina. I liberated this list from the rebel scum forums over at forums.rebelscum.com. In accordance with our tradition of respecting anonymity, we will neither confirm nor deny which of these creatures/figures are also known to be members of Blue Drink Anonymous. The links send you over to rebelscum.com, for more details on each figure.

Lak Sivrak (Basic Figures 1998) (Replaced by Ketwol in SE)
Takeel (Cinema Scenes 1998)
Muftak (Exclusives 1998)
Wuher (Exclusives 2000) (Which ever you prefer, POTF2 or OTC)

Ellorrs Madak (Basic Figures 2001)
Ketwol (Basic Figures 2001) (Replaced Lak Sivrak in SE)
Rachalt Hyst (AKA Zutton) (Basic Figures 2001) (Red Suit- HS)
BoShek (Basic Figures 2002)


Djas Puhr (Basic Figures 2002)

Dr. Evazan (Screen Scenes 2004)
Kitik Keed’kak (Screen Scenes 2004) (Essentially the same as TSC Basic Figure)
Wuher (Screen Scenes 2004) (Which ever you prefer, POTF2 or OTC)
Zutton (Screen Scenes 2004) (Blue Suit- ANH)

Dannik Jerriko (Basic Figures 2005)
Feltipern Trevagg (Basic Figures 2005)
Myo (Basic Figures 2005)

Hem Dazon (Basic Figures 2006)
Kabe (Basic Figures 2006)
Labria (Baisc Figures 2006)
Momaw Nadon (Basic Figures 2006)
Nabrun Leids (Basic Figures 2006)
Greedo (Vintage 2006) (Essentially the same as SOTDS SL)

Elis Helrot (Basic Figures 2007)
M’iiyoom Onith (Basic Figures 2007)
Cantina Band Member (Multipacks 2006) ( Total number of Band Members is personal preference. Usually 5, 6, or 7)


Dice Ibegon (Basic Figures 2008)
Pons Limbic (Basic Figures 2008)
Trinto Duaba (Basic Figures 2008)
Wioslea (Baisc Figures 2008)
Hrchek Kal Fas (Baisc Figures 2009)
Leesub Sirln (Baisc Figures 2009)

Bom Vimdin (Basic Figures 2011)
Ponda Baba (Basic Figures 2011)

Main Characters:
Han Solo (VOTC 2004)
Chewbacca (VOTC 2004) (Could also use TSC Early Bird Set closed mouth Chewbacca.)
Ben Kenobi (TLC Basic Figures 2008)
Luke Skywalker (TLC Resurgence Battle Pack 2009)
R2-D2 (TLC Resurgence Battle Pack 2009) (Also could use VOTC R2-D2.)
C-3PO (TVC Basic Figures 2010 or TSC Basic Figures 2006)

Note: At least three Jawas were seen in the Cantina, it’s your personal preference which versions you prefer.

Also at least two Sandtroopers appeared in the Cantina to investigate. One was a Squad Leader and the other was a Corporal. (Orange pauldron for the Squad Leader and White for the Corporal.)

Cantina Accessories:
Droid Detector
Straight Bar Sections: A, B, C, D, and E.
Curved Bar Sections: A, and B.
Small Tables: A, and B.
Large Tables
Bar Cups: A lot are packed with Cantina Patrons and an accessory, also available in Bar Section. Several cups are available outside of Cantina Patrons that also work well for Cantina Cups.

External Information Links/images:
jlw515’s Cantina Customs Resource Page
Cantina Seating Chart
Star Wars: Lost Cut (IV A New Hope) Deleted/Alternative Cantina Scene

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