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Force Link Han Solo & Boba Fett

“WEAR FORCE LINK TO ACTIVATE SOUNDS! PORTE LE FORCE LINK POUR ACTIVER LES SONS! ACTIVA SONIDOS CON FORCE LINK! USE FORCE LINK PARA ATIVAR SONS! Sold Separately. See back for details.” Packaging indicates release date of 2016. I have a lot of Bespin Han and Boba Fett figures loose already,

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore February 20, 2023

Anakin Skywalker Revenge of the Sith Battle Damage

“Anakin loses his battle with Obi-wan Kenobi on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Gravely wounded, Anakin falls into a burning lava pit and is left for dead. But the galaxy has not seen the last of this powerful former Jedi.” This is my second carded figure of Anakin Skywalker Revenge

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore February 15, 2023

Naboo Pilot Ric Olie with Battle Game Card and 3D Glasses

“DISCOVER THE FORCE IN 3-D! AWESOME 3-D IMAGE ON BACK!” “FIGURE INCLUDES GALACTIC BATTLE GAME CARD, DIE & BASE (SEE BACK FOR DETAILS)” “Naboo pilot Ric Olie battles droid starfighters in the Battle of Naboo. The pilot of Queen Amidala’s Royal Starship, Olie leads Bravo Squadron in the attack that

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore January 6, 2023

Episode I C-P30 with Comm Tech Chip

Episode I R2-D2 with Booster Rockets and Comm Tech Chip

R2-D2 with Electronic Lights & Sounds and Battle Game Card

Boba Fett

Attack of the Clones Jar Jar Binks Gungan Senator

A New Hope Djas Puhr Alien Bounty Hunter

Celebration II Jorg Sacul

I’d love to have a Dave Filoni fighter pilot (Trapper Wolf) join my “George Lucas” fighter pilot, but alas no vintage release of such has happened yet. I’m holding out hope. Hasbro did release a black series Trapper Wolf, but no 3.75 release. I mistakenly purchased the black series Trapper

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore January 6, 2023