The Heroic End of Admiral Raddus.

Inspired by the final scenes of Rogue One, Admiral Radius is taken prisoner by Darth Vader following the escape of the Tantive One, moments earlier. He tells Vader where he can stuff-it.

Ahsoka and Vader.

I love Ahsoka and this battle between her and her former master was clearly one of the greatest light saber battles of all time. This particular image was the favorite of several dozen I took with my iPhone. I captured the image using two of my loose figures in my

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore October 2, 2018

Making of Maul's End…

Very touching moment, as Obi-wan comforts Maul, displaying genuine compassion and tenderness– toward the man who killed his Jedi Master, as well as the love of his life..