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Retro Card Fun Facts: Mandalorian Character Images on Figure Cards vary only twice in Retro Collection.

Ok, I just noticed this fun fact while meandering around my Star Wars Collection in my office today. I don’t know how long this will hold true, but as of today it appears only two of the Mandalorian RETRO Vintage Collection Figures have character images on their cards that vary

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore February 14, 2023

Boba Fett

Attack of the Clones Mace Windu

Attack of the Clones Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise)

The Phantom Menace Anakin Skywalker

The Empire Strikes Back Yoda

The Force Unleashed Shadow Stormtrooper

Luke Skywalker (Storm Trooper)

Battlefront II ARC Trooper (Lambent Seeker)

Unboxing Boba Fett

My youngest son Newell helped me unbox the newest Vintage version of old man Boba from the Book of Boba Fett figure series. We attach all the accessories and compare him to the Vintage Retro version, and then play with him as he rides a Bantha! Unboxing Videos With a

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Shared by Stefan C. Densmore December 30, 2022